Bomblox Devblog #2

By Ryan Szemplinski 02/06/2015

We are finally finishing up the designs and mechanics for the game. It's slowly coming along but we are making progress! The coding portion has sorta been put to a halt because of the development of the site and the school but I plan to put some time into it next week. I am currently working on making the level constantly move up while generating blocks at the bottom but it has been surprisingly difficult because the player just gets sucked into the middle. I have some ideas on how to fix it but we will see...

Pre-Built or In-House Engines?!

By Ryan Szemplinski 01/22/2015

Which is better, using a pre-built engine or making you own? I always thought making your own engine was the better option but as I become more experienced in game development and I am seeing all the amazing engines and tools out there I think I have changed my mind. Unity and GameMaker are both amazing engines and are essentially free but they are only 2 of many game engines out there. Unreal Engine and CryEngine are also extremely amazing engines that offer so much functionality and at great prices. These engines are packed with so much tools it would be difficult to find uses for all of them in single project. Each come with their own ups and downs but with so many options you just have to find the one that is best for you. The only reason I could see for making your own engine would be because you are either trying to avoid fees or subscriptions or you are a large company that has exhausted all of their options with game engines and are in dire need of an engine with specific specifications. Making a game engine requires gobs of time and gobs of money which most companies are willing to dish out and anyways why try to make something that has been already made? Pre-made game engines also are constantly updated and bring new tools and functionality to the table normally for free and all you have to do is wait for it to install. There is a lot more that I could go into but maybe in a different post, anyways, thanks for reading!

Bomblox Devblog #1

By Ryan Szemplinski 01/21/2015

So we are currently working on Bomblox at the moment. We are using the Gamemaker engine which is an extremely nice engine for both beginners and professionals (I don't fancy myself a professional). It is simple and it is something you can grasp early on and build fast protoypes with. So the current functionality that we have with the game is movement, different bomb types, a very simple world generator, and dynamic and static blocks. It is coming together a lot better than previous projects which boosts my confidence about this game actually being completed at some point. I look forward to what this game will become at the end of it's development.