What's Up with Bomblox?

By Nate Tomcik 07/19/2015

We haven't posted an update about Bomblox in a long time. That is partially due to the failure of our Kickstarter campaign. Our entire team was discouraged when we couldn't reach our goal to fund the purchase of Gamemaker Master Collection and paying our contributors. Since the failure of the Kickstarter we have continued development and the game is coming along nicely. We have art for almost all assets in the game and the gameplay is nearly finished. We are in the process of fixing bugs and finalizing the gameplay. Despite not being funded, we were able to purchase the Gamemaker Master Collection while it was on sale this summer. That means that we will be able to release Bomblox to all major platforms. This is extremely exciting! We look forward to the release of Bomblox. We have put a lot of work into it and we are excited to have people finally be able to play it!

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